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Flowerzone Turners Flower Exports Limited
9 Brigade Road
Mangere, Auckland
New Zealand
Phone: 64 9 256 1292
Fax: 64 9 256 1285
Email: freshcut@clear.net.nz
Website: http://www.turnersflowers.com

The Turners Group is the largest wholesaler and distributor of fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers within New Zealand.

The company also runs other successful operations in the motor vehicle, plant and general auction business.

The company operates a nationwide integrated selling and transportation network, including six regional centres in New Zealands major cities with a further 12 branch offices.

The nationwide coverage - combining comprehensive local markets with our export programme - provides Turners & Growers exports with a major strength. It means we are able to target the most efficient growers in the country, reaping flowers, fruit and vegetables of the best possible quality.

Turners & Growers is and will continue to be the first choice in the marketing and distribution of high quality produce in New Zealand.

Company Profile


The Turners & Growers story began more than 100 years ago when English Immigrants Edward Turner and his wife Maude settled in the Auckland area.

Edward started a business as a produce wholesaler in the city, and was later joined by each of his 9 sons in his flourishing business E. Turner and Sons.

In 1921 an amalgamation was formed between the Turner Family business and the local fruit growers cooperative. Hence the new name of the company, Turners and Growers.

Throughout the following generations the company grew to become the most important export, import and wholesale group in New Zealand Horticulture.

Today the company continues the tradition of integrity, reliability and forward thinking which founded the original family enterprise.

New Zealand is blessed with fertile soils and highly skilled produce growers. The low incident of pests and diseases in this country means our growers can minimise the use of harmful sprays.

We are comitted to protecting our clean green environment... and are one of the few contries in the world to uphold a nuclear-free policy.

The King Kiwi brand, marketed internationally by Turners & Growers Exports, is a product borne of this unspoiled land.

2009 NZFEA & Associated members.